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DECIMA is a company whose sole goal is to provide its customers with the most refined and detailed outcome through its wide variety of contracting and development services.

Whether you need DECIMA to help you finish a project, renovate an old house or shop or even help you come up with a new idea for a plan you have in mind, the company’s team of experts are here to help you in every possible way; our services range all the way from consultancy and design to project management, and it goes without mentioning that we can – and will – help you with the planning and scheduling your project needs.

DECIMA also offers many exclusive services such as the preparation, in advance, of tender documents so that you can benefit from a total peace of mind, and we personally take care of outlining the feasibility studies and energy analysis of the project you present.

DECIMA has already established its name in the contracting sphere, mostly thanks to the many projects it has handled over the past few years, notably delivering turnkey shops in many malls across the country and renovating houses and villas.

Aside from the usual contracting services every company has to offer, DECIMA has a long list of additional services that are bound to make your projects come to life. In other words, all of the services that you may need for perfectly finalizing your projects are available at our company, and they include: thermal installation, moisture protection, slope stabilization, hardscaping, landscaping, all electrical services including security systems, escalators and conveyors, panel boards and telephone distribution networks.

Maintenance is one of our main concerns, and we, at DECIMA, think you should always find a quick solution for any problem you may encounter. This is why we provide our customers with a wide range of mechanical and plumbing services that are available round the clock. From sanitary drainage, pumping stations, heating and air conditioning, to plumbing and smoke exhaust systems, we are here to provide you with the best quality of services you need.

DECIMA always welcomes new projects and ideas, and the company is open to any request of renovation, project planning or repairing, so feel free to contact us for more information and to get in touch with our team for any inquiry or project you need help with.

And always remember; DECIMA has it all, which is why we gathered all of the services one might need under one roof to deliver the best quality of services possible!

Decima Development offers a wide range of development services to help you kick-start your project and visualize design, cost and feasibility.

Since you might not always have time to analyze the needs and costs of a future project, Decima’s team of experts make sure to help you in every step of your development plan.

Our services include:
• Consultancy & Design
We schedule an appointment to consult with you, to study your vision and start making a draft of the project you have in mind. Since the process takes place face to face, you can be assured that your idea will definitely come to life, making any necessary adjustments.

• Project Management
Upon your request, we can take care of managing your project in every aspect: establish a plan, study the pros and cons, dos and don’ts, section the workload and assign people to the various positions needed.

• Preparation of Tender Documents
Preparing the documents needed for a new project can be a hassle, but leave it to us to gather them all and fill them up so you won’t have to waste any time in preparing them yourself.
We always make sure to check back with our customers regarding any personal information.

• Evaluation of Offers, Price Valuation and Cost Control
As a leading company in the development field, we make sure to present you with the best deals and offers available around the planning period, using our large network of sources and allies to give you a wide selection.
Since we care about being able to ensure your project with high quality materials and technologies, we run down a price list valuation of wood, metal, ceramics, stone, and many more, thus allowing customers to choose their preferred retailer and maybe even find cheaper alternatives for what they had in mind.
Also, we take care of cost control for customer on a very tight budget, helping you divide the budget equally and in fair amounts to all parts of the project.

• Feasibility Studies
Thanks to our experience in the field, we provide help through feasibility studies that are specific to each project that is presented to us. We make sure to inform you if your ideas are executable, and if not, help you come up with an alternative plan that will suit your taste.

• Energy Analysis
Since we are always up to date regarding energy production, consumption and energy-saving products and mechanisms, we will gladly help you set up an energy plan for your project, helping you choose the most adequate type of energy provider for your project.


Decima Contracting offers the most diverse and wide selection of contracting services in Lebanon that range from finishing to renovation services, alongside concrete, electrical, mechanical and plumbing services.

Decima takes pride in its contracting services since only the best types of materials are used in our installments and only the best technicians plan and work on these installments, insuring an always positive customer feedback and making your house, office or building equipped with the most recent technologies in every field.

Finishing Services
Our finishing services include:
-          Masonry
-          Steel Works
-          Aluminum
-          Paint
-          Tiling
-          Plastering
-          Moisture Protection
-          Thermal Installation
-          Wood Works

We vow to provide our clients with the biggest number of choices in each category, offering many high-end materials that fit all budgets and preferences.
You can also add your own personal touch through choosing the paint colors and techniques, tiling styles, as well as the type of wood you would like to be used on your doors, windows, shelves, etc.

Concrete Services
Leave it to our specialized personnel when it comes to concrete services. We make sure to get the work done quickly and efficiently, always putting your original thoughts and ideas as a top priority, combining your vision with our professionalism in concrete services.

Our concrete services include:
-          Excavation
-          Specialized Concrete Foundations
-          Site Concrete – Curbing, Sidewalks, Equipment pads
-          Retaining Wall Construction
-          Embankment Repairs and Slope Stabilization
-          Infrastructure
-          Road Construction
-          Residential Remodeling
-          Hardscape
-          Landscaping
-          Swimming Pool

Electrical Services
When it comes to electrical services, it’s always a safe choice to go with the most recent installations and equipment. From cables to lightings and power installation, we’re always the first to adopt the newest technologies with the sole purpose of equipping your home, office or building with the safest and most efficient electrical system.

Our team makes sure to study your interior and exterior’s specifications, adjusting the installments to your needs and preferences.

The list includes:
-          Lighting
-          Earthquake and Lightning Protection
-          Elevators and Lifts
-          Escalators and Conveyors
-          Fire Alarm Systems
-          Security Systems
-          Structured Cabling
-          Network Design & Implementation
-          Fiber Optic Cabling and Systems
-          High, Medium and Low Voltage
-          Transformer Sub-Station
-          Generator Power Plants
-          Main and Secondary Panel Boards
-          Power Installation
-          PABX and Telephone Distribution Networks

Mechanical and Pluming Services
Our mechanical and pluming services are remarkably innovative and modern. Not only do they provide the latest innovations in these 2 fields, but they also allow you to personally make adjustments and to add your personal touch in many ways; you can choose the style and materials of your swimming pool, fountain, sauna, Jacuzzi or even kitchen equipment, while deciding with our experts on which heating and air conditioning installment works best for you.

All areas of your home, office or building will be secured thanks to our firefighting systems and smoke exhaust systems.

Our services include:
-          Storm Water
-          Sanitary Drainage
-          Irrigation
-          Firefighting Systems
-          Pumping Stations
-          Swimming Pools
-          Fountains, Saunas and Jacuzzis
-          Kitchen and Laundry Equipment
-          Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
-          Chilled Water Systems
-          Smoke Exhaust Systems
-          Plumbing
-          Waste Water Collection and Sewage Treatment
-          Medical Gase

Renovation Services
Since we believe that all structures should be given a second life once they get old and rusty, our renovation services are there to help bring life back into soul-less interiors and exteriors.
We take on planning for new structures or modified interiors, engineering, structural repair, rebuilding and, of course, adding the finishing touches so we can deliver a breath of fresh air into the renovated space.



Get to know Decima’s architecture and design branch, Cirus Architecture and Design or CAD, which takes on your projects to recreate your vision in the best possible way.

CAD is not your average design unit; while it offers the basic architecture and design services available on the market, it also offers a variety of unique services such as planning, supervision and management, which are sure to come in handy thanks to our professionals that get the work done.

Design Services
Decima’s CAD branch offers a wide spectrum of design services such as:
-          Architecture
-          Interior
-          Structure
-          Electro-mechanical
-          Visualization
-          Landscape

Since we’re not only limited to one type of design service, you can be assured that our team will always take your ideas and opinions into account, basing their work off your vision and perspective.

Planning Services
At Decima, we know how hectic it can be to be responsible for the design as well as the management of a project, especially on a big scale. Through our planning services, we seek to bring you professional expertise and advice, allowing you more time to focus on the realization of your project and to master all of the important details that come along.

A preliminary meeting is essential to start planning, and our team starts working after an agreement has been made on every single aspect of the project.

-          Supervision
Assigning a trustworthy person to supervise your project is not an easy task. After analyzing our client’s ideas and putting them all together, we assign the perfect person or team that will take care of supervising the evolution of your project.

-          Management
Since you might not always have time to manage all of the fields of people working on your project, we assign an expert project manager to take care of this matter and make all necessary phone calls, emails, and others for the realization of the project.

All in all, you can count on our unique and newly-developed list of CAD services to help you out in realizing your small-scale and big-scale projects, thanks to our team of experts and the dedication that Decima always puts in its work to ensure a finalized project that fits your conception on all levels.